The urge to drabble deaf!Beat angst is strong. Because wow, he would really miss music.

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THEN AGAIN, if we go by SiLVER’s idea of everyone having a version of NiGHTS, my third reason isn’t really applicable to this idea.

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I do think Wizeman might secretly hope that Ideya don’t regenerate in a person’s heart—mostly because he’s heartless like that and likes the idea of suffering.  There are always plenty of other humans to steal from, so he’s never really at a deficit.  Regenesis is entirely possible, however, because of free will, and a person’s determination to make it happen.  It can be difficult, of course, but it’s never impossible.

True, and good points. But there’s a limit to the number of humans. Yeah, we have a huge population for the species, but there’s a finite number.

I also think that there are some people that you can’t really get Ideya from because they’re too young to fully comprehend their dreams. Then again, who says you have to comprehend something to have a nightmare? Though that just poses a whole new mess of problems because if Ideya can be lost at a young age, then what’s stopping people from losing them?

Maybe the older you get, the longer it takes Ideya to regrow? Like how older people have a longer recovering period for broken bones. Though it might also be accompanied by harder to steal Ideya thanks to life experience and not fearing the same things kids do.

I think a third reason I prefer Ideya that regrows is because NiGHTS is only one Nightmaren that has to deal with Wizeman targeting billions of dreamers with many many Nightmaren. NiGHTS can’t help all of them. It’s a sad truth, but true nonetheless. So my desire to root for the hero means I don’t want his efforts to be a lost cause, you know?

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Apparently I’m on a NiGHTS kick.

What if your main Ideya is the aspect of you that’s always being tested?

It just seems like the kids in the series are always having their courage tested and they all possess the courage Ideya. I’ve played NiD and watched an LP for JoD three times (fuck I want a Wii) and it seems like none of their other Ideya aspects were tested as much as courage was.

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infinitybillion-stars replied to your post:Random fandom preference is random: I hate the…
Agreed. I’ve got a number of thoughts on “regenesis” as well :)

I mean, I know throwing logic into a game about dreams is like throwing a cat at a dog and expecting miracle catdog babies.

But there’s such a thing as basic logic, you know? I don’t think Wizeman’s a genius by any means (dude, if you treat your creations like shit, at least one is going to bite back), but you don’t have to be a genius to know that going after a source that can’t replenish itself is a stupid idea.

That and my personal issue of struggling with loss of hope constantly and knowing for a fact that hope always comes back. If it didn’t come back, then how could I lose it again?

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Random fandom preference is random: I hate the thought of Ideya not growing back and being lost forever if stolen.

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this happened

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I’m on a role with AUs today oops. Allow me to explain my default Sega verse whenever I drabble All-Stars (unless it’s stated as something else). Characters include Sonic, NiGHTS, Beat, Reala, and Billy. More might be added as I play more Sega games.

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Hey, who’s up for random ass Sega verse AU shit?

Today’s featured AU that will never go anywhere because I’m a lazy fuck: An AU where many of the All-Stars are mythological creatures.

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