Imagine your icon about to take an exam, having studied really hard and being confident that they’ll pass, then opening their paper, reading the first question, and whispering “what the fuck”

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The sole reason I want JSRF is because I fucking love Gouji’s character in it and the idea of Beat being Gouji’s son amuses me to no end.

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Imagine your OTP finding this blog and roleplaying the prompts.

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Reblog if you want a short love letter from a fictional character in your ask


If you don’t tag this with a character you’re gonna get one from a random character instead

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I had a mental image before bed last night of the OT3.

It was beautiful and proof that NiGHTS gets his partners into the kinkiest shit.

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Baby: f-f-f-f-
Dad: Father?
Baby: Find the computer room!
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baby: f-f-f-f-f
dad: father? are you saying father?
baby: f-f-f-f
baby: follow me, set me free, trust me and we will escape from the city. i'll make it through, follow me. follow me, set me free, trust me and we will escape from the city. i'll make it through prove it to you
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pairings where they “hate” each other but would be devastated if anything happened to one another aRE MY FUCKING WEAKNESS 

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Dad continues to make me nervous and anxious and want to just sort of hide in the closet until the latest drama passes.

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Anonymous said:
Beat and Billy

Put a ship in my ask and I will tell you a bit about how each of the following scenarios would go down for them


Obviously Billy gets aged up to about 15 for this because oh look sexual ones. ASSUMING HE’S NOT 15 AND LOOKS YOUNGER BECAUSE CUTE ART STYLE.

Ok, ok, I’ll stop stalling for time. Oh my god, I’m dying here.

Fake dating:

I like the idea of Billy’s dad working for Gouji… So in this scenario, Billy pretends to date Billy to get some scoop on sabotaging Gouji’s company and putting him out of business. Except damnit, Billy is a cute guy and pretty damn likable, so he has to choose between his mission and feelings.


This would be even more hilarious if they stayed in their respective cities, so let’s make that the case! The two need to spend who knows how long in each others shoes. Billy needs to stop Gouji with the rest of the GGs while Beat has to help Billy’s friends stop Dark Corvo from bringing Dark Raven back.

Sexpollen/fuck or die/aliens made them do it:

Billy hatches a booby trapped egg and the result is needing very intimate help from Beat. Why such an egg exists I have no idea. Probably Dark Corvo’s doing for a good laugh.


For some reason, I’m kinda leaning towards Dark Raven returning and using Beat to get to Billy. Beat unknowingly betrays Billy and it results in Dark Raven killing Billy. Oops.

Secret kinks:

Nn, I’m having a hard time with this one oops. Probably some oddball Beat liking to dress up during the deed? Billy happily joins in because chicken furry.

Their first kiss:

Billy decides to show Beat around Adabat. It turns into a date and they two end the day sitting at a beach in silence. Beat makes the first move because he’s not at all shy about shit.

Meeting the parents:

More like parents being how they meet. Going with the idea of Billy’s dad working for Gouji again. So Billy ends up in Tokyo-to to visit his dad and meets Beat. Billy decides to introduce Beat to his dad, who’s at a meeting with his boss. This results in Beat introducing Billy to his dad because hey, his dad is Billy’s dad’s boss. Small world.

Moving in together:

Beat leaves his group and heads across the seas to get a bit of personal him time. Only he forgot to find a place to stay. Billy happens upon the idiot gang leader and offers to let Beat stay at his place until he decides to go back to Tokyo-to. Beat ends up providing Billy with much needed company since the younger boy’s parents are never home.

A crossover of my choice:

Ignoring the fact that they’re already crossed over, let’s toss them in the world of Pokemon because why not. The two go to Hoenn and receive and Treecko (Beat) and Torchic (Billy) before heading off to defeat gymleaders and challenge the elite four. Your typical Pokemon shenanigans.

An au of my choice:

Go with my idea of Billy growing up in Tokyo-to for a while… Billy’s family never moved out. They stayed. So sweet innocent Billy gradually began to fall in with the wrong crowd. The wrong crowd being the GGs. Billy’s parents are never home, so he decides to join a gang so he’s not always alone. Beat’s a total ass to him, calling him all sorts of slang terms for penises. But Beat stops when a threat pops up in the form of Gouji and the gang has to beat him. Again. God Gouji is a pain in the ass.

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